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Beautiful Girls

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1 Beautiful Girls on Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:11 am



Keith Harkin was very successful for a 'just shy of 23' year old from Derry, Ireland. He traveled, singing for multiple crowds... doing what he loved best, he was having the time of his life.

But that was 5 years ago...

Keith who was now, 28, was living in the United States of America with his FianceƩ Blair Stone in Keene, New Hampshire. She was a pretty girl, but she was very shallow and Keith failed to realize that. He loved her... but she just loved his money. She said yes to marrying him just because she could, and she got a diamond ring out of it.
Keith was cleaning up after dinner one night as Blair gave herself a pedicure. The phone rang, so Keith answered it.
"Hello? ...yes. Um, Hiya.. really? ..well, I dunno... this is.. ca-can I call ya back?" Keith hung up and was a little shocked.
"Who was that?" asked Blair.
"Sharon Browne.. My old boss."
"What'd she want?"
"She wanted me to do one last show for Celtic Thunder... in Ireland..."
"You should go."
"I dunno, I'm not to sure if they are going to be happy with me if I return..."
"Because when I met you, I just up and left them.. not to mention I haven't talked to them in 5 years."
"I still think you should do it. Call Chel back."
"...Okay." Keith picked up the phone and dialed. "Hey Sharon? Um.. yeah I'll do it... okay.. mhm.. thanks Sharon, Bye."

Keith was going back...

When he got to Ireland he drove to his sisters house, he had made arrangements to stay with her. He pulled in the driveway and got out, grabbed his suitcase and started for the door, as he went to open it, out of the corner of his eye he noticed a girl in the yard next to his sister's house. She was laying in the grass listening to music with her eyes closed, but she felt like someone was watching her so she opened them. Keith and the girl looked at each other. They didn't smile... just... looked.
Keith went inside and greeted his sister then decided to go out to the pub.
He entered the pub and smiled slightly then walked straight up to the bar and sat. "Guinness." he asked the bartender.
The bartender nodded and poured him a pint.
In a booth near by... Ryan Kelly, 34, Paul Byrom, 34, and George Donaldson, 46, we sitting drinking together. Ryan was the one who noticed Keith. He got up with the other lads and they went and sat next to him.
"Hey stranger! Its been a while." Said Paul smiling a little.
"Hey, guys." Keith said uneasily, "Look, I just wanna say I'm sorry.. I'm sorry for everything, I should have tried to keep in touch. I was stupid."
"Its alright, mate, just good to have ya back." Ryan replied
"What brings ya here?" asked George.
"Sharon asked me to sing with you guys one last time here in Ireland."
"Oh that should be-" Paul stopped and looked at Ryan and George. "Oh no."
"Whats oh no?" asked Keith now a little worried.
Before Paul could answer the pub door swung open, they all looked. It was Damian, 21. He was smiling until he noticed Keith sitting with his friends. His smile faded and turned into and intense glare at Keith.
"Damian is oh no.." said Paul so quietly that only he and Keith could hear.
"Hey." said Keith.
"What is he doing here?" Asked Damian, still staring at him.
"He will be singing with us." said George.
"Damian... can we ta-"
"No." Damian interupted
Keith was a little frustrated and started to walk up to Damian. "Listen to me!"
"You, stay away from me." warned Damian
Damian went to punch him but Paul and Ryan grabbed his arms and looked at Keith.
"We should go..." said Paul. They started for the door.
Keith just stared dumbfounded at what had just happened. Had it really come to the point where, his once best friend tried to punch him? He was ashamed that he had hurt Damian that much and he could feel tears trying to escape his eyes but he held them back as he watched Ryan, Paul, and Damian leave. George walked up next to him and put his hand on Keiths shoulder and looked outside then at Keith.
"Just give him time." George gave Keith a pat on the back then left with the others.
Keith was left there. he looked down then back at the bar then left and went home.
That night he sat on his bed in just navy pj bottoms, no shirt. He heard a rustling outside so he went to the window and looked out. The girl he saw earlier was putting out the garbage next to her house. She looked up.
This time Keith smiled slightly.
She smiled back.
"Hi." he said
"Hi." she replied
there was a pause before she started to walk back toward her house, she looked back at him once and kept walking.
Keith went to bed.

The next day went a little more smoothly from Keith, although in the back of his mind he was very guilty about Damian. But to relieve stress he decided he would surf. When he was done he went back to the house and went up into his room to change. Unfortunatly he couldn't find the shirt he wanted so he went back out to the car to see if he could find it. As he looked through the back seat he heard a voice.
"Its not there."
He turned and saw the girl from yesterday. She smiled and then looked at the front tired of the car before looking at him again. He looked where she looked and saw his shirt wedged under the tire.
"Thanks." he said and grabbed it then looked back at her.
"You're welcome." there was a paused "So she your sister?"
"Yeah. I'm staying with her for a little while." Keith noticed she had an american accent.
"Thats nice."
"Kinda. I'm a little bummed."
"How do you figure?"
"Cause... when I left it was sudden, no good byes... no warning... i just left and now I'm back... the first time seeing all my old friends in 5 years... things are as they were." He looked down.
"The way I see it, why spend your life mad at someone? Its a waste. Life is short all we can do is just simply LIVE it... we have to get over the little things... move on and dont let it hold you back cause you'll regret it later."
Keith half smiled, she was right... and seemed wise for a... "How old are you?"
"18. But... I see age as only a number.. because in reality it serves no purpose except keeping track of how long you have to make a difference on earth... although it also makes a GREAT excuse for people to use against you when they cant think of any other."
Keith chuckled lightly, she was an interesting girl.
"Thats so true." he said.
"Well.. I best be off." she said starting to walk backwards toward here house. "Gilligan's Island marathon... I have all of the seasons on VHS." she laughed a little and turned and kept walking Keith smiled and walked up to his house. When they both reached their doors they looked at eachother.
"Whats your name?" asked the girl.
"Keith... yours?"
"Lisa." She walked inside her house.
Keith stood their for a moment and said to himself quietly "...Lisa."

A few days went by after that Keith spent it mainly working on the concert with the other lads, sharon could see the cold should that Damian was giving Keith and told Ryan to do something about sense she felt he seemed like the responsible one.
That evening Keith was at home. The doorbell rang. He went and Answered it and in walked Ryan, Damian, Paul then George.
Keith was a bit confused but followed them into the living room. Ryan sat in a chair and Paul draped himself across the couch George was standing behind. Damian stood next to Ryan, he looked at Keith harshly but Keith, who was now standing at the entrance of the living room. Ryan tried to explain why they were there and get Keith and Damian to talk but Damian was still unwilling to talk it out. Keith Tried to apologize.
"Damian, I know I probably don't understand how you feel personally... but I don't want you to be made forever. Cause you mean alot to me mate and I'm sorry I hurt you but I can't go back in time and change the past. I wanna still be your friend if you're willing to let me."
Damians eyes softened a bit but he still was mad. There was a silence Ryan sighed in disapointment, maybe it just still wasn't time.
"Alright well... I guess we'll leave now. Thank you Keith for trying."
Damian was first out of the house and in the car Ryan followed and George glanced at Paul now asleep on the couch.
"I'm just... gunna leave Paul here... He's... gone..."
Keith nodded and george left.
Keith then went up to his room and changed into plaid comfy pj bottoms and no shirt. He then heard someone singing and looked out his window and saw Lisa in her room singing 'I want you to want me' and playing to guitar. He smiled and watched her. She was dancing around with her hair in a pony tail a Beatles t-shirt neon colored shorts and knee socks.
Her energy made Keith forget for a moment his problems with damian and he started singing along. Lisa noticed he was singing after a while and stopped.
"Sorry" he said
"No its fine.. I" she blushed in embarassment
he smirked "Nice outfit."
"Yeah..." she looked down then back at him. at this point they were both in their window leaning slightly out as they talked
"You teach yourself how to play guitar?"
"Naw... school.. I took it for a few years. I still have a little to learn tho"
"I could teach you. I play it too.... and write songs."
"Okay thanks." she smiled politely "Sing some of one of the songs."

"So see the leaves fall to the ground and seem them lying all around. but still I cant see you. And theres the wind that plays in the air... flying around how it does not care. But still I cant see you. and the seasons pass away... and i still sit here lonely each and every day... wondering whats gone wrong...i dont remember seasons lasting oh so long, oh so long...
and i still cant see you, and i still cant see you, and i still cant see you... Lauren and I."

she giggled a little and smiled and clapped for him "That was very good."
Keith smiled back "Its my favorite."
"Laurens a lucky girl... whoever she is..." she paused "I want someone to write a song about me sometime."
Keith got a kick out of her.
"How are things going regarding your friend Damian by the way?"
"Eh.. a we bit better but still pretty bad."
Lisa frowned and shook her head, it frustrated her how stubborn damian seemed to be
"AND I apologised to him i dont know what else to do."
"Dont apologise anymore. that wont do anything.. two words 'im sorry' that doesnt change 5 years.. he really needs to get over and look ahead not behind."
the two neighbors smiled at eachother for a moment noticeing how striking their eyes were.
"Well, must go.. had a late night last night." said Lisa "My friend Mariah and I love going pubbing" she giggled
"OH well by all means get some rest. Good talk."
"night Keith."
"night Lisa."

A few days later, Keith decided to go surfing. The sun was shining so he decided to take a little trip up to his favorite beach in Donegal.
Keith stepped into the water, wearing his wet suit with his board under his arm.. there was a slight breeze that felt nice. He surfed gracefully for about a half hour when he saw two women walking in the beach in the distance. He didn't know anyone else knew about this place. As they got closer and got in the water with their boards he recognised one of them, he didn't notice the smile crawling across his face as she noticed he was looking at her.
"Hey Lisa" He said.
"Keith, this is Mariah" she said introducing the other girl "Mariah, Keith." Lisa smiled.
"Nice to meet you" Mariah said
Keith smiled and nodded then looked at Lisa "So, I didn't know you surf."
"Yup, We love it. Before we moved to Derry we would take trips to the coast of Maine and surf all day."
"Would ya like to join me?"
Mariah and Lisa looked at eachother then Lisa answered "Sure."
The three of them surfed for hours before Mariah left because she was meeting Damian for a picnic.
"So your sister told me that you might need help getting read for Blair's arrival in a few days."
"Eh.. I dunno, I think I'll be okay.."
"Okay well don't hesitate to ask. But... I have to leave so I'll catch ya on the flip side." She smiled and started for shore. Keith stood there and watched her leave then continued surfing for a little longer.
The next day he worked then went out to dinner with his sister. The day after that he had to get ready for blair. He had to pick her up from the air port early in the morning so he planned to clean for the WHOLE day before. Keith was working hard and had gotten the whole upstairs done and was now working on the middle floor. He frantically scurried around and made a lot of noise.
The door bell rang. He answered it.
"What the hell are you doing in here?" asked Lisa.
"Well do you need help."
"Uh... Keith remembered tell her that he probably wouldn't... he was wrong. "I may or may not..."
Lisa smirked and walked in, Keith followed.
The two of them spent hours cleaning and blasting music and sharing some laughs.
"Okay now I have to make food to serve tomorrow.. like baked stuff." Said Keith.
"Baked stuff? Alright. Lucky you I'm Sally freakin' Fields."
Keith Laughed.
They started baking cupcakes then started a food fight... messing up the kitchen right after cleaning it.
The two of them sat against the fridge. Lisa had flour and sprinkles in he hair and keith had frosting in his and chocolate on his cheek.
"Wow." said Lisa
"Now we have to clean this up again."
"...I'll have my sis do it. For a present for Blair."
"Hahaha. Nice."
It was a little quiet for a minute. Keith brushed off his leg and Lisa noticed a celtic ring on his finger.
"I like your ring." she said.
"Thanks" He took it off and gave it to her to look at.
She put it on her finger and they both looked at it.
"I think it looks better on me. Don't think you're getting this back." she laughed.
"No wait!" Keith laughed and reached for it. Lisa reached her whole arm behind her so he couldn't reach it. The two of them laughed as keith tried to get it back. Keith and Lisa looked at eachother, Keith realized he was now leaning over Lisa and their faces were almost touching. The smiles on their faces faded. It was then Keith realized he had started to fall for Lisa. But what about Blair? Lisa was so different for her... she was more like him and made him feel happy.. but he loved Blair... didn't he? Keith's mind was caught between a rock and a hard place.
The two of them started to lean in as if to kiss...

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Right as their lips were about to touch Lisa sat back against the fridge and took the ring off then got up.
"Sorry, I um. I-I have-" she couldn't think of what to say, her head was spinning. She put the ring on the counter and ran out of the house and back home. Keith sat there for a moment a little frazzled 'What just happened?' he thought to himself. He shook his head and sighed.
That night neither Keith or Lisa got much sleep.
The next morning Keith woke up early to get Blair at the air port. Lisa woke a few minutes later and went downstairs and saw Mariah having some tea.
"Whoa. Why are you up?" Mariah asked.. she almost never sees Lisa up this early.
"Couldn't sleep well." Lisa yawned.
"Oh thats heavy."
"Wait.. why are you dressed... don't you normally parade around the kitchen in your pjs?"
"Well, I'm expecting company."
there was a silence as Lisa pondered what happened the day before.
"You okay?" Asked Mariah
"Care to elaborate?"
"Well heres the thing..."
Lisa went on to tell MAriah about what happened yesterday and that she thinks that she likes him more than a friend.
"Oh Li.. Even I could tell you two like eachother."
"Oh.. WAIT wait.. hold up... Question.. you think he likes me?"
"It doesn't take a genious to see the way he looks at you.. whether either of you know it or not." Mariah had a soft smile on her face.
there was a pause before Lisa caught an idea.
"Who did you say you were expecting over?" asked Lisa.
"Damian McGinty... why?" Mariah replied.
Around late morning Keith arrived with Blair. Paul, Ryan, George, and Keith's sister were there to welcome her.
they exchanged may hellos in the driveway. Keith looked at Lisa's house wondering if she was coming too, but she didn't show. He partly knew she probably wouldn't after what happened.
Everyone started to pile inside.
"Honey, what are you wearing?" Blair gave the shirt Keith was wearing a weird look.
"Um, my friend gave it to me.." he replied a little upset. He liked the shirt.
"Oh well, thats fine I guess." she kissed him and handed him her keys then proceeded to walk inside.
As the night went on the more Keith realized what Blair was really like, he felt that Lisa opened his eyes. Finally he felt he needed to get away from the dinner table.
"Excuse me, I uh need some air." Keith smiled politely and walked upstairs and colapsed in his bed. 'What have I done? Why did I leave? Why isn't my bestfriend here? Why can't things be like they were?'
He heard a rustling outside so he went to the window to see what it was. Lisa. Lisa was talking out the trash. Keith smiled slightly. She looked up at him.
"Hey" He said.
the was a pause. Lisa laughed a little "Romeo and Juliet. Dyslexic version."
Keith's smiled widened
the two of them laughed.
"You having fun in there?" Lisa asked
Keith looked down then back at her. "No."
there was another pause.
"Why didn't you come?"
Lisa shrugged. "Why aren't you having a nice time?"
"I'm just now realizing how much of an idiot I am."
"How do you figure?"
"I'm finally seeing the true Blair.. now that we're in a different country."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be. You opened my eyes."
There was a soft look exchanged between them before they parted ways.

Lots of things went through Keith's mind as the days went bye with Blair's visit, The show came and went. After the show Damian walked up to Keith and said.
"I forgive you. I'm sorry for being so childish."
Keith was surprised but also overwhelmed with happiness.
"But- wh-" keith tried to ask.
"Someone gave me a very stern talking to. convinced me how stupid I was."
They exchanged a hug and proceeded out of the building to meet Keith's sister and Blair.
Keith and Blair were to fly home that night. All their things were packed and ready to go.
Blair wrapped her arms around her. Keith was having trouble trying to find the time to tell her he didn't want to marry her.
Mariah ran up out of breath. "D-Damian!"
"Whoa what is it?" he asked worried.
Keith immediately looked at Mariah, concerned.
"What happened?" Damian asked.
"Shes-Shes gone!"
"Gone where?!" Damian proceeded.
"She bought a ticket to Morocco." Mariah took a napkin out of her pocket and handed it to Damian. "She left this note."
Keith glanced at it the took off.
They all watched him run as fast as he could to find Lisa.
Blair was confused. She looked at Damian and took the napkin and looked at it. written on it was "I love him." Blair looked up as her Fiance faded in the distance.

Keith ran to the airport as fast as he could to try to find Lisa. He walked in and bought a ticket to Morocco, luckly they still had a few seats left for the same flight so it would be easy to find the gate she was at. He hurried to terminal 3 gate 14 and was a little out of breath when he got there. He looked around scanning the crowd for her he frowned when he didn't see her amoung the crowd. he went up to the people at the desk near where they boarded and asked to use the intercom. The lady said no. Keith persisted to ask and the lady finally gave in. He took it and licked his lips then pushed the buttons and started to sing.

"I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over..." people started to look at him weird but he continued.

"I better read between the lines
In case I need it when I'm older...
Now this mountain I must climb
Feels like a world upon my shoulders
I through the clouds I see love shine
It keeps me warm as life grows colder..."

Lisa was off gettng coffee but could faintly here the sound of music coming from her gate, the voice sounded so familier then it dawned on her.. it was Keith! She listened. Lisa then dropped her coffee and started to run toward the sound of his voice.

"In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again..."

Lisa struggled to weave through people as she ran, his voice got louder.

"Can't stop now, I've traveled so far
To change this lonely life..."

At last she reached her gate. she was slightly out of breath but saw him singing. She slowly walked toward him. Their eyes met and Keith kept singing. People were now watching them both of them.

"I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me..."

they were now about 7 feet from each other.
He handed the intercom to the lady at the desk and walked toward Lisa. he stopped when they were almost touching.

"What are you doing here?" Lisa asked confused.
"You think I was going to let you run away to Morocco?" he smirked and tucked her hair behind on of her ears.
Lisa's cheek felt tingly.
"Thats not fair Keith." she said slightly sternly trying not to let a single tear escape her eyes.
there was a dead silence. everyones eyes were glued on them and were completely silent.
"I ran here for you. I-" Keith stopped
Lisa shook her head and slowly started to back up. "No. Blair doesn't deserve this." Lisa then turned and started to walk away. Keith was angry for her doing that and followed.
"Whats wrong with you?" he demanded
Lisa stopped and turned and looked at him.
"Is it fun for you to toy with peoples emotions?! Don't you realize the effect you can have on people?! Make up your mind because I can't wait for someone that I think I love to decide whether or not they want to be with me." Keith paused and gave he a hard painful look. Lisa looked down and a single tear slid down her face and she looked up a him again with a strong look.
Keith continued "I saw what you wrote. I know you feel the same." He paused "But if you can honestly consider pushing away the person you 'love' like you just did... then I don't think you really love that person." Keith spent another moment looking at her then looked forward and passed her and walked toward the exit and left. He walked to his sisters house. It was a bit far but he needed to time to himself to clear his mind.
When he got to the house everyone was there... Damian, Paul, Ryan, George, his sister and Zara. Everyone except Blair.
"Blairs gone." Said Paul.
Zara handed him a note that she left that basically said 'whatever I'm going to Italy to find a new guy because I'm super mad at you.'
"How'd it go with Lisa?" asked George.
Keith looked at him and closed his eyes for a moment then opened them and walked upstairs. everyone seemed to exchange looks. Damian followed him.
"What happened?"
"She couldn't make up her mind." he paused "I did all that I could to stop her because I wanted to be with her but she rejected me. Damo, she doesn't love me."
"She does love you Harkin. Trust me."
"How do you know?"
"Friendship is one of your most important things, yeah?"
"Who do you think gave me a mental ass kicking and convinced me how much of an idiot I was for being mad at you?"
"Lisa did that?"
"She didn't like seeing you hurt. I'm sure you could mend things with her. Go apologize."
"I don't know where she is."
"Hold on." Damian called Mariah and asked her if she knew. Mariah drove Keith and Damian to her and Lisa's favorite place to go and sure enough Lisa was there.
Damian and Mariah leaned against the car and watched as Keith walked toward Lisa.
Damian and Mariah looked at eachother and smiled and Damian put his arm around Mariah and they continued to watch.
Keith sat next to Lisa on the rock she was on. They were quiet.
"I'm sorry." said Lisa quietly.
"Blair broke it off." Keith looked straight at the lovely view and Lisa looked at him.
"She uh went to Italy to find someone else." He half smirked realizing who Blair really was.
Lisa looked down again.
"What I said earlier.. I'm sorry. I was just frustrated and confused."
"Can we just forget about it?"
there was a pause.
"I love you Keith."
Keith looked at her then she looked at him.

The End

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